About Us

Hello there!

We are a family run business based in England. It started as a child’s idea that blossomed into something much more.

We’ll help you to reduce your carbon footprint.
We create unique family friendly items that are available for our customers worldwide.
Our aim is to make eco-friendly items that are unique and affordable to all. The items we offer are from companies that are all about conserving the environment and ethical treatment of workers. All the inks we use are vegetable and water based making them more environment friendly inks are also non toxic and OEKO-TEX® certified.
None of Arty Girls Design items are mass produce or pre-made. Each item is individually inspected several times during the pre-treatment and printing process. Last quality control is done before the ready item is fully packed prior to shipping.
We use dye sublimation. It is a digital print method that uses a combination of heat and pressure. The dye cures within the textile fibres which results in a near permanent, high resolution full colour print.
We use weather proof Kraft paper mailing bags and boxes to cut down on plastic waste. These bags and boxes are 100% recyclable & renewable

Melissa Everton

Founder - CEO

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